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Winter Wear

New finds at Nordstrom Rack

“Glacier Gray” Infinity Scarf, Wild Pearl Olive Knit Top, Tory Burch Stud Earrings


xox Emilie


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Tinkerbell Fall Set

Tinkerbell Fall Set

Jigsaw pointy flat
$110 –

Forever New strap backpack
$31 –

Tory burch ring

Spring Street ring

Loop scarf

Clinique lipgloss
$27 –

Bags case
$2.10 –

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Dirty Hair? I Just Don’t Care!

Day 5 of my no shampoo, no conditioner regime. Before you go “ewww, I’m not doing that” let me explain. 

About two weeks ago, when I was in my residential immersion camp in Nice, France (lucky me 😉 ) I asked my RA why her hair always looked so good. I was thinking she would tell me about this fantastic french shampoo she uses, but instead she goes, “I only wash my hair once a week”. WHATTTTT? This girl had great, voluminous chestnut hair. To make me more envious, she had a fantastic ombre dye job that I can’t pull off because I’m already blonde. Thinking on her ‘secret’, I decided I would try the hippie hair life once I got home.

So today is day 5, and it really wasn’t that bad { It was actually GOOD!}. My hair looked less shiny and soft than usual, but on the other hand, after day two I suddenly had MEGA VOLUME.  My hair is thin, and I always complain about how flat it looks. Usually I use mousse and hairspray ( The old flip hair upside down and spray at the roots trick), but the past two days I have done NADA to my honey locks, besides brushing of course.

You may be wondering about oil control . . . 

My hair didn’t necessarily feel oily, just…different. Kinda heavy I guess, a little bit greasy at the back. The main difference I noticed is that without shampooing ( I still got my hair wet in the shower to rinse out the sweat from working out) my roots took forever to dry, while the rest of my hair dried much more quickly. 

To combat the grease, this is the magic, my friend –

download (2)

Bumble and Bumble prêt – à- powder. Adds some volume too – always a plus for me. 

Two more great things about no washing; Getting ready is so much easier, and I can do all sorts of hair styles now that I have voluminous hair with hold that doesn’t slip through my fingers!

15 fun hairstyles I can now do: 

Definitely try out this hair hippie regime (hehe). Maybe on a week off so if your hair gets really oily no one sees? For me, I’m going to keep the no wash thing going. I don’t think I can do a full week yet – tomorrow I’m shampooing. 


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Over in Italy….

Yes, I was in Italy!!

First, I’d like to apologize for not posting over the past two weeks while I have been living it up in the south of france. I’ve been so busy seeing everything and doing everything. There are two weeks left of my trip, and I am going to try to post every day now.

So, yesterday I went to Italy. WOW, it was gorgeous.  We had to take two trains to get to Sanremo. It took, an hour and a half, but it was worth it.


LOVELY. And here is the sea from italy.


And of course, gelato, and yummy pasta.



Ok, there was a lot of posing with pretty views so…


BAM. Italy made me into a supermodel. 😉

It was a really fun day, and I snatched two real leather, made in Italy crossbody bags at the market. For 25 euros each. AWESOME.

And finally, another pretty view.


Today I’m going to Cannes… A post on that tommorrow!

♡ Emilie

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Hot, Sunny and Nice

A brief play on words, but I couldn’t resist the old saying that “Nice is nice”, because it is. Starting the day with a pain de chocolat and ending with a stroll on the promenade d’anglais creates a perfect transition to life in the south of france.


( above: promenade d’anglais)

The biggest thing that I have noticed since arriving in Nice, France, is that no one seems to rush here. Yes, the French walk fast, but everything from dinner, to shopping, to entertainment is at a casual, lovely pace.

Our first night our group went to a restaurant called Gaglio, and ate dinner over 3 hours while watching the World Cup match of France vs Germany.  We had apértifs (starters), a main meal of gnocchi, and a lovely desert of ice cream – I had an amazing bitter caramel.


(Photo of gnocchi)

I have also noticed that shopping is not rushed either. Most shopping is done by going to individual stores, such as a boulangerie or boucherie,  although supermarkets are quickly becoming very popular. For our student purposes, we went to Carrefour (french walmart) to buy breakfast foods.


(Photo: a week of breakfasts for one)

The last thing so far that has been a highlight to me is the chill attitude of the beach. It’s beautiful, it’s blue, and it’s perfectly acceptable to lounge on the rocky shore for 5 hours straight. I was only able to stay for an hour so far, but will definitely go back to soak up more sun.


(Photo: la plage, [yes it really is this blue!])

I am enjoying the different pace and lifestyle in Nice. I feel like I have already seen so much in these two days, and can’t wait to see everything else.



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Summer Skin and Hair

We all ♡ beautiful hair and skin!
My favorite way to pamper myself is with moroccanoil products. Aragan oil, which makes up Moroccan oil, is so hydrating and is absorbed without out any oily residue. Plus all the products smell amazing!


Isn’t the packaging gorgeous too? (Sigh)

I use the hair mask and treatment oil to make my hair sleek, soft, yet voluminous. I use the hydrating styling cream when I blow-dry and sometimes the glimmer hair finish. The two hydrating treatments ( orange bottles) make my often dry skin soft, moisturized, and glowy.

Add a self tanner like clinque’s self sun body lotion, and you’re set for summer glow!

I’m going to Europe in two (YEEEPEEE) days and am trying to make myself look pretty and glowy to not stick out as a pale American in the south of france.

Au Revoir!

♡ Emilie

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The Inside Scoop on Fashion Illustration

Hello Everyone!

I just had my morning coffee and am feeling soo peppy!!  With all the energy,  I thought, “hey, this is a good time to explain something in detail!”, so why not fashion illustration? (♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ )
Fashion Illustration is a big part of why I love style and clothes: it adds movement and body, a story to your work, can create a themed collection, and just looks pretty darn fantastic.
So for everyone who wants to learn, keep reading! I’m going to cover the basic material and styles, but more technical details and proportions in later posts, but for now it’s materials and basic creation. Please don’t think that you have to have innate drawing talent to do fashion illustration; although I’ve been drawing my entire life, my illustrations were pretty scary at first (yours will be too), but I’m a firm beliver practice makes perfect.

Let’s go!


– drawing pencil set (mine was 10$ at blick) , nessecary for any artist
-sketch book (12$ for 9×12), also very nessecary
– notepad, use anything you want for notes and ideas, I have a pretty moleskin with the petit prince theme.
– a thin inky pen, I recommend pilot razor point in black
-pencil sharpener and eraser
-mechanical pencil for details
You can use just about anything. I like art markers for the smooth feel and blending (tutorial later…) and watercolors for an artistic feel. Art markers are expensive though, (2.50$-3.50$ each) so if you are beginning I recommend colored pencils (you probably have some in your house) or a watercolor set, mine was about 25$ off of amazon. Make sure you also have the right paper, watercolor paper for watercolors, marker paper for markers…

– and a flamingo for inspiration! (Just kidding …)

Normal people are eight heads tall. Fashion people are nine heads. This diagram will show you proportions:


Hide the hands, curve edges, and add a leg gap. Viola! Remember that the shoulder dots are the outermost point of shoulders.
Two rules:
1. Make legs as long as you want, as long as thighs are NOT longer than calves.
2. Make shoulders and waists smaller if you wish, just not hips (small hips = male figure)

You will probably make the figure in pencil, dress her in pencil, and then outline with your thin pen. You can swatch colors on this sketch to.


See how the legs are super thin and long? Fashion sketches are about the vibes you want to show. Since I like my figures to be graceful, they are tall and thin boned.

Next, if you are working with markers you slip this sketch under your marker paper, outline, then color.
With watercolor and pencils, you should make your sketch on the final paper since you can’t trace.

Don’t forget shading! Pick a light source and shade a everything on the other side. Use darker colors instead of gray to shade (because in real life the shadows of your blue skirt are darker blue, not gray..)



Remeber, you need to practice!!!!

And remember what purpose you are going for. Is it art ( like my warriors above) or style/theme.

Here is an example of a themed collection I am actually creating and sewing for spring 2015.


The theme is colors, turquoise and bright yellow.

Please comment for any specific tutorials. Hands? Faces? Feet? Poses? What would you want me to show?

Happy Illustrating!

♡ Emilie